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About the Course

SOC103. Social Institutions. With the return of Tepperman, what used to be known as one of the easiest bird courses of last year (it was taught by a TA) has metamorphosed into a GPA-thirsty beast for revenge. This course explores how social institutions work and how they structure our lives. With around 700 students, it has also become a platform for a massive sociological experiment: to determine how the gargantuan institution known as U of T can most effectively crush our dreams, grind our bones into dust and incinerate our dead corpses while laughing derisively at our ineptitude prepare us to become future leaders of the world.

About the Notes

Within this grim context, then, it becomes not only logical but necessary to join forces and band together to maximize our chances for survival. I have categorized the notes I’ve done into types (Starting Points, Reading Sociology, Lectures, Tutorials) and weeks. I also try to include the notes uploaded by others as found on the Facebook group.

Try as I might, I can’t promise that I have covered everything that could possibly be on the test. I probably missed some important details in the book or lectures somewhere. Tepperman talks insanely fast (doesn’t he need to breathe at all?). And, I mean, there are a lot of readings. These are the notes I’ve made for myself, and as a result, cover what I think is significant. Sometimes I get lazy. I also tend to make a lot of irrelevant (and not necessarily helpful) connections when I am reading, and so reading other people’s notes and summaries would probably be beneficial as well. Everything being said, you should definitely try to read the textbook for yourself. If you have time.

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SOC103 Notes by digitalhardhat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


12 thoughts on “Reading Guide

  1. These notes are awesome! Has anyone done reading sociology notes cause having a hard time understanding what its saying?

  2. hey there, I have some notes and chapter summary for SP 15 AND 16. more than happy to contribute as I’m interested in receiving this package as well. How can I get access and where can I send my contribution?

    • Hi Jessie! This site is actually intended as a collection of my personal notes for SOC103 — I realize I haven’t had the chance to update the “Other Notes” section in forever because, well, school’s been busy! I don’t really want to give out my email here for fear of spam (as this is a public website), but if you upload your notes onto the Facebook group then I’ll definitely include them on this website.

      I will try to include as many notes as I can, and maybe do some summaries, although in all honesty I’ll probably need to spend more time to study for an electromagnetism final happening the day after SOC exam. #UofTlife

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