Tutorial 02

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Tutorial 02

Josh Curtis

Exam breakdown:
15 Reading Sociology (14 chapters)
19 Lectures (4 lectures)
66 Starting Points (4 chapters)

Be strategic and helpful about each chapter in RS.

Think strategically

Questions from Starting Points:
-Identify theories?
-Keywords that are bolded in the text (definitions)?
1.Bolded terms
2a.Important Sociological Figures
“According to C. Wright Mills, the sociological imagination is _______.”
2b.Major theoretical applications
“Functionalist theory would interpret population growth as _____.”
3.Empirical findings, historical events, etc (admittedly the hardest)
“Two revolutions that particularly influenced the rise of sociology were the ____ and the ____.”

For a 90:
Guarantee: at least 15 – 20 questions on differences!

Questions from Reading Sociology:
These are case studies. Testing your ability to “navigate through the fluff.”

Studying for the test:
1.The purpose/debate of the article
(If well written, at beginning)
2.Main findings
(Introduced, then repeated at the end)
3.The implications this finding has
(At the end)

1.What is the purpose?
2.Identify main argument
3.Identify all key terms and key figures. How do they relate? (Don’t really worry about this part.)

“I’ve spent no more than one minute reading each chapter in RS.”
-Josh Curtis

Chapter 5.

The tone immediately is set in the paper. It sets the stage. Have half a page/one page summary notes about what it’s about and why it’s important.

Main point:
-Division between English and French Canada
-Trends in development of sociology in these two factions

Chapter 7

“A lot of sociology nowadays has turned into the more ‘common-sense, cultural’ stuff, and you need to ask yourselves: ‘what is sociological about these articles’?” -Josh Curtis

What are people turning to ‘self-help’ advice for?
-accessibility, low cost, etc.

Why has this happened?
key social structures when people once easily obtained information have changed. Norms and values might be less rigid.

The puzzle?
All in the first paragraph.

Chapter 6

Identify the purpose and evidence

What’s he arguing?
The link between social construction of masculinity and the consumption of porn.
Relationship between masculinity, technology, and pornography.
Critique of Robert Jensen.

“At this time, porn lost its politically subversive qualities and became merely a means of displaying women’s bodies for the purpose of men’s sexual arousal.” (POTENTIALLY IMPORTANT)

KK bye.


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