Tutorial 03

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I burned my right hand on a soldering iron today. D’:
So uh, today is not my best note-taking day.
These are about as much as I can get down typing with my left hand.

Tutorial 03

Josh Kurtis

1) explain test structure
2) discuss 3 chapters

4 chapters in SP + 4 chapters in RS

20 from RS
20 from lectures
60 from SP

Final only has 35 reading soc questions (?)

2.identify main argument
3.important names

College drinking

dilemma: people who get into college are healthier later on in life
but why do college students damage themselves by drinking, then?

all behaviour need to be compared to others
do you think that same age, non-college people drink as much?
do you think you drink more than other people

2. Do you think there’s something at UofT that makes it different in terms of drinking culture?
3. Do you think that campus culture promotes drinking?

Due to work schedule
“I drank everyday after work when I was working in the summer as an undergrad.” -Josh Curtis

UofT has no “central” feel.
When you are with like-minded others, you’ll be influenced more easily.

The idea that student’s drinking behaviour is affected by the drinking norms of their campus is a principle of:

Disconnect: higher education leads to healthier lives in general but college students drink.


Arranged Marriage

One of the arguments:
divorce rate of arranged marriage: 50% (15%)?
divorce rate in Canada: 40%


Which hypothesis predicts the collapse of arranged marriage system in India?
modernization theory.

Critique: Only interviewed 15 affluent men/women from one region in India.

Duality of Diversity
Immigration: “generational effects”
Second generation immigrants.


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