Summary: Concepts

Ctrl + F is your best friend.

Concepts from Lectures:

  • Positive vs. preventative checks (kill is positive)
  • Mechanical vs. organic solidarity (marines behind tanks; bio after mech)
  • Secondary deviance: career in rulebreaking
  • Primary vs. secondary groups (Cooley, primary more intimate)
  • Nuclear vs. extended family
  • Primary vs. secondary socialization (primary first)
  • I vs. me
  • Manifest vs. latent function
  • Functional vs. substantive definitions of religion
  • Social constructionism vs. essentialism
  • Political science vs. political sociology
  • Traditional vs. charismatic vs. rational-legal authority
  • Authoritarian vs. totalitarian vs. liberal-democratic states
  • Authoritative vs. authoritarian vs. permissive vs. neglectful parenting (Diane Baumrind)

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